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A Database of Swedish Innovations, 1970–2007

The SWINNO database has been produced as part of a VINNOVA- funded project, primarily by Karolin Sjöö and Josef Taalbi, with Astrid Kander and Jonas Ljungberg as advisors and project leaders. SWINNO presently covers the years 1970-2007. After completion, VINNOVA decided to continue to support the development of the database through the SWINNO 2 project. Currently an update for the years 2008 to 2014 is being prepared. After that, it will continuously be updated. Finally, an extension that is going further back in time is under construction as well.

Sjöö and Taalbi wrote their PhD theses on the basis of SWINNO. They both graduated in 2014.

From 2015 until spring 2017, the SWINNO data is also further developed as part of a collaborative project called Understanding Diverging Innovation Trends (UDIT) in Finland and Sweden. As the title suggests, researchers from VTT in Finland and the Department of Economic History compare trends in innovation output between the two countries. The project is headed by Juha Oksanen and Astrid Kander, and jointly funded by VINNOVA and Tekes.

An important question that the SWINNO project wants to address is the societal significance of the SWINNO innovations. What have been the effects of the innovations on the innovating firms, their clients and users of the innovation and society at large? What did the effects mean to the different actors? As of early 2017, an explorative project is investigating this issue for a small number of cases through interviews with inventors, innovators, users and other actors. The project will guide the development of a method to investigate these question on a bigger scale.

Description and Documentation

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Publications using SWINNO data

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