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We love to stay connected!

Interactions between, on the one hand, future, present and former students and, on the other hand, the Department of Economic History, School of Economics and Management and Lund University is something that enriches us all. While the organization can learn from hearing about student’s work-life experiences, students can extend their social and professional networks.

There are many ways to stay connected. The department invites all students, at Masters as well as PhD levels, to join our global alumni network. Follow the links on our alumni webpage to get information about various activities organized by the department, the faculty and the university. Here you can sign up for various events around the globe as well as read the latest news about what is happening in Lund. You can also access some basic information about where our former students end up after finishing their studies and be inspired in your own career development by reading personal accounts of former student’s experiences.

Stay connected by joining the department’s Facebook and/or LinkedIn groups. Apart from keeping you up-dated on departmental activities, they offer opportunities to expand your networks, stay in touch with friends and classmates and make career contacts. You can also find us on Twitter