Department of Economic History

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Call for applications to PhD Programme

Published: 2017-02-09

The Department announces at least four open positions in our PhD programme in Economic History . Last day to apply is April 15.

Admission is dependent on the existence of financing in the form of external research funding. We know that funds currently exist within the following research areas:

- Manufacturing gender inequality. The project deals with gender differences in labor market outcomes in Sweden circa 1900

- SWINNO 2.0, Significant Swedish innovations 1970 to the present. The project establishes an innovation output database to assess ex post significance of innovations and categorize them according to societal impact.

- Asian exceptionalism? The institutional impact of Japanese colonial extraction. The project deals with the question whether there is a colonial origin to the East Asian Miracle.

- Current population development in Africa in a historical context. The project studies historical demographic dynamics in Africa 1800 to 1960 by exploring missionary archives.

We hope to receive additional funding in other areas and we naturally welcome applications within other research areas or of more general character.

More information regarding the positions and application can be found here.

Last application date is April 15 2017


Patrick Svensson, Study director of the PhD program

+46 46 222 0833