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Prize to Kathryn Gary

Published: 2017-04-06

PhD Student Kathryn Gary was awarded New Researcher Prize at the Economic History Society Conference at Royal Holloway, University of London last week. Congratulations!

Last week at the Economic History Society Conference in London PhD Student Kathryn Gary won the prize for best paper presented in the new researchers' session for her paper Constructing equality? Women’s wages for physical labour, 1550-1759.

Paper is found in the Conference Progrmme.

Criteria for the Prize

Prizes will only be awarded for research in social and economic history.

Submissions will be evaluated in terms of: 

  • importance and originality of the questions investigated
  • volume and character of primary sources investigated
  • novelty, appropriateness, and effectiveness of methodology
  • contribution to scholarly knowledge
  • clarity and effectiveness of written and oral presentation
  • contextualisation within the extant literature
  • clarity and effectiveness of written presentation.

Based on both paper and presentation.



Contact & Research

For more information about Kathryn and her research project go to  Lund University Reseach Portal