Department of Economic History

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Svenska jordnaturer 1718-1865. 

Swedish land, according to ownership type, 1718-1865.

 Mattias Lindgren

The file contains a dataset of land in Sweden, for the period 1718-1865. The data describe how much of the land, in terms of tax-assessment units (mantal), belonged to each of 17 different sub-categories of property right regime. The data is a based on a synthesis of the existing data compilations already available. The data also include detailed meta-data that describe the source for each observation.

For a description of the database see the pdf

The reference when using the database is:

Lindgren, Mattias (2021), Svenska jordnaturer 1718-1865. Lund: Department of Economic History.


Lindgren, Mattias (2021), Svenska jordnaturer 1718–1865 : En kvantitativ översikt. Lund Papers in Economic History. 2021:220.