Department of Economic History

Lund University School of Economics and Management

About the PhD program in Economic History

Program structure

The program corresponds to 240 credit points (four years of full-time study), and consists of one course component (75 credit points) and a doctoral dissertation (165 credit points). Normally the mandatory courses are taken during the first year.

Mandatory (52.5 credit points):

Optional (22,5 credit points)
The selection of optional courses is regulated in the individual study plan and in accordance with the specialization of the candidate. The Department of Economic History offers numerous optional courses (see the list below), but it is also possible for the PhD to study elsewhere. Advanced level course credits are transferred to the PhD program studies after individual assessment and consultation with the supervisor and the director of the PhD program

PhD dissertation (165 credit points)
The dissertation documents the ability to formulate and analyze a scientifically relevant research issue. It can be presented in a monograph or as a collection of essays. The department guidelines describe in detail the structure of each type of dissertation. The dissertation is defended at a public seminar with an external evaluator acting as discussant and evaluated by a grading committee.