Department of Economic History

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Optional PhD/Master courses

Optional (22,5 credit points)

The selection of optional courses is regulated in the individual study plan and in accordance with the specialization of the candidate. The Department of Economic History offers numerous optional courses (see the list below), but it is also possible for the PhD to study elsewhere. Advanced level course credits are transferred to the PhD program studies after individual assessment and consultation with the supervisor and the director of the PhD program

NB While the course code below is for PhD students, the link takes you to the information of the equivalent master course.

Regular courses:
EEH001F The global economy and long term economic growth
EEH004F Development of emerging economies
EEH005F Economic growth over time and space
EEH008F China and the Asia Pacific economy
EEH009F Economics of innovation
EEH010F Population and living standards
EEH011F Innovation for sustainable development
EEH013F Consequences of demographic change
EEH014F Human capital in a historical perspective
EEH016F Institutions, economic growth and equity
EEH018F Energy transitions, innovation and trade
EEH031F Advanced analysis of economic change
EEH036F Demography of the Global South

Quantitative courses:
EEH006F Econometrics I
EEH007F Econometrics II
EEH037F Basic econometrics

Advanced Topics, tutorial courses:
EEH019F Historical demography
EEH021F Migration and integration
EEH022F Theory and practice of money and finance
EEH023F Good government-law, property rights and development
EEH024F Agricultural transformation in the development process
EEH025F Explaining growth and inequality 
EEH026F The rise of the rest
EEH027F Globalization of innovation
EEH028F Data management
EEH032F Development aid in historical perspective
EEH033F Archives, primary sources, dataset
EEH034F The history of economic inequality
EEH035F The State in the development process
EHEH006 History of economic thought

Based on demand:
EHEH005 Principle debates in African economic history
EEH017F Applied time series analysis
EEH020F Family demography
EEH029F Transformations towards sustainability: Responsible production and consumption, (provided within the Agenda 2030 PhD school, by Economic History and Business Administration together)