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EKHM75 Innovation for Sustainable Development, 7,5 credit points

This is a highly multidisciplinary course based on economics of innovation, sustainability studies, economic geography and development studies. This is an advanced course which builds on notions introduced in the “Economics of Innovation” and the “Energy transitions, Innovation and Trade” courses. The students will be introduced to the hard and soft notions of sustainability and discuss how economic growth relates to socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable development and the role of innovations in achieving sustainable development.

Topics covered throughout the course include inclusive, social and sustainable innovations and innovation systems. Theoretical insights will be complemented with practical cases of innovations for sustainable development in a variety of sectors around the world. Among the cases that will be covered during the course are innovations related to food production and consumption, protection of ecosystems and sustainable tourism, water and waste management, housing, energy or transport. Examples of the so-called Nordic model will be combined with cases of innovation from developed and developing countries.


Course curriculum

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