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Ekonomihögskolan vid Lunds universitet

EKHT34 Economic History: Advanced Topics in Economic History - Research in Economic History: Archives, Primary Sources, Dataset.

Graduate level, 7.5 hp (ECTS)

Economic historians make use of primary sources to study economic development inthe past. To this end we reassess original sources or collect data that were collected inthe past, by compilers who often had their own, specific purposes. To be able to useprimary sources therefore requires the application of thorough source critique.This course introduces the student to primary sources. Where does one find primary sources? How should one interpret them and evaluate their validity and reliability? How can one deal with scarcity, and excess, of data, respectively? And how should one process data retrieved from primary sources? The course prepares the student for using primary sources in the context of a researchproject, and to thus make a novel contribution to the field of economic history.