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Meet Anne Sofie Beck Knudsen

Publicerad: 2019-05-10

New Post doctoral fellow at the department of Ecnomic History

Earlier this year Anne Sofie Beck Knudsen joined our team of prominent researchers. 

Anne Sofie holds a PhD in economics from the University of Copenhagen. The title of her thesis is Persistence and Change in Long-Run Development, (2018).

Her research interests are cultural economicseconomic development, and economic history and she is currently examining the evolution of individualistic and collectivist cultural norms in Northwestern Europe and their impact on economic outcomes such as migration and innovation.

Tell us more about your currant research project. 

To measure historical cultural norms I use statistics on first names from population censuses and church records and language from historical newspapers. These methods are based on research in psychology and further validated with contemporary survey data in my research.

From September 2019 you will be based at Harvard University. 

Yes, from September I will be on leave to do a one-year postdoc at Harvard University in collaboration with Nathan Nunn, who has pioneered research in cultural economics.

During my year I will further develop my cultural indicators and study cultural change across many generations of the same families in Scandinavia. The latter requires linking the historical population censuses. 

Thank you Anne Sofie and welcome to the department!

Anne Sofie Beck Knudsen
Fil. PhD, Post doc

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