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2021-04-28 More power to the people – new findings on labour market conflicts when electricity was a novelty
2021-04-16 Doctoral student Luis Serratos-Sotelo defends his thesis
2021-03-30 Two new PhD positions
2021-03-22 Four new PhD positions
2021-03-04 The winner of the Håkan Lindgren-prize!
2021-02-11 Does the possession of natural resources mean that a society will stagnate? Are they ’cursed’ to remain behind?
2021-02-05 Book release
2020-12-17 Scandinavia copper
2020-12-14 Economic historians aim to understand roots of South Africa’s inequality
2020-11-26 Newly launched MOOC on Africa’s development
2020-11-11 Doctoral student Maria Fibaek defends her thesis
2020-11-10 Teacher of the Year!
2020-11-04 Postdoctoral fellow
2020-09-24 An extremly strong research environment
2020-09-23 Doctoral student Igor Martins defends his thesis
2020-09-21 Five new doctoral students
2020-09-14 Doctoral student Enrico Debiasi defends his thesis
2020-09-10 Världens jämlikaste land?
2020-09-03 Book release
2020-06-24 Researcher in Economic History
2020-06-17 Doctoral student in Economic History
2020-06-11 Graduation speech by Mats Olsson
2020-05-25 Four new PhD positions
2020-05-18 Doctoral student in Economic History - innovation in the forestry sector
2020-05-14 SWINNO 3.0 gets SEK 20,5 million!
2020-04-20 Professor Maria Stanfors debatterar i Sydsvenskan
2020-04-14 Last chance to apply...
2020-03-26 3 April, doctoral student Prince Young Aboagye defends his thesis
2020-03-06 Doctoral student in Economic History
2020-03-02 Big data pioneer and research funder new honorary doctors at LUSEM
2020-01-29 New three year research project
2020-01-27 Praise for pioneering knowledge of Africa's development
2019-12-05 What low-income countries need is not more economic growth, it’s less shrinking
2019-10-17 Doctoral student reached over hundred thousand readers
2019-08-29 Workshop on Africa and Latin America - A Shared Economic History?
2019-06-17 How Sweden went from ‘least democratic’ to welfare state
2019-05-10 Meet Anne Sofie Beck Knudsen
2019-04-15 Helene Castenbrandt – new researcher at EKH
2019-04-08 Thirsk-Feinstein Prize for best dissertation to Volha Lazuka
2019-02-28 Course in Living conditions and demographic change in pre-industrial societies - Apply Now
2019-01-18 New Bachelor’s programme in Economy and Society
2018-12-07 Wallander Scholarships
2018-11-23 Senior lecturer in Economic History - Innovation and Sustainability
2018-10-08 Post-doctoral fellow in Economic History/ Demography
2018-09-18 Would you like to join our team?
2018-09-17 Research with personally identifiable data. Secrecy, ethics and security
2018-06-01 Three large research grants to EKH
2018-05-30 Two new associate professors
2018-04-05 Anna Tegunimataka awarded prize for best dissertation at LUSEM
2018-03-21 Postdoctoral fellow in Economic History
2018-02-14 Call for applications to the PhD Programme
2018-02-12 Luciana Quaranta Associate Professor
2018-02-09 “Venezuela should have been the Norway of South America”
2017-11-20 New research grants
2017-11-20 Engines of Growth - Prizewinning doctoral thesis
2017-10-31 New research grant to CED affiliate
2017-10-25 Vacancy at the Centre for Economic Demography
2017-09-27 Junior Researcher Grant
2017-09-04 Two Prizes
2017-07-13 Call for one or more Postdoctoral Fellows
2017-05-15 PhD candidate at CED won the Swedish Demographic Society’s prize for best MSc thesis
2017-04-06 Prize to Kathryn Gary
2017-04-06 Big Research Grant to the Department
2017-02-17 Swedish GDP data now back to 14th century
2017-02-10 Postdoctoral fellow in Economic History
2017-02-09 Call for applications to PhD Programme
2016-12-14 Wallander sholarships to EKH talents
2016-12-01 New Wallenberg Academy Fellows - with Africa in focus
2016-11-11 New Grants to the Department
2016-10-12 10th Anniversary of the Centre for Economic Demography
2016-10-07 Branko Milanovic visits Lund
2016-10-04 New research grant from FORTE to professor Maria Stanfors
2016-09-02 Associate Senior Lecturer in Economic History
2016-05-02 Post docotral fellow in Economic History
2016-02-04 PhD positions in Economic History
2016-02-01 The Department of Economic History calls for one or more positions as postdoctoral fellows.
2015-10-20 New Research Funding to the Department of Economic History and the Center for Economic Demography
2015-09-14 The Department of Economic History Announces two MFS Scholarships
2015-09-01 Senior Lecturer in Economic History
2015-06-15 New Research Project Funding
2015-05-08 PhD candidate won the Swedish Demographic Society’s prize for best MSc thesis
2015-03-11 New carbon accounting method proposed
2015-02-17 New Associate Professor in Economic History
2014-12-04 Kerstin Enflo Wallenberg Academy Fellow 2014
2014-11-17 SWINNO 2.0 gets SEK 13.2 milion
2014-11-12 Lots of Grants to the Department
2014-10-28 Our research in the media
2014-10-08 Job vacancies
2014-09-18 LUSEM rises in world rankings 2014/15
2014-08-20 Yet anotner Award
2014-08-11 Another award
2014-08-05 Awards
2014-06-11 Masterstudent awarded in Paris
2014-05-09 Climate talks in Lund
2014-04-04 There were more, and more advanced, Swedish innovations in the past
2014-03-31 Thirsk-Feinstein Prize for best dissertation to Luciana Quaranta
2014-03-18 Research award to Luciana Quaranta
2014-03-12 Income has become a more important factor in the transition to parenthood
2014-02-27 Job position
2014-02-19 What will happen if the economy collapses?
2014-02-18 High Impact for paper by Carl Frey
2014-02-17 New Study by Professor Benny Carlsson