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Development Economics

Research on development economics in economic history is primarily specialised on issues concerning economic growth, structural change and distribution in developing countries. In all areas of development research there is a strong emphasis on institutional theory and on the importance of a long-run perspective in the study of economic growth. One strong research focus has been to interpret the mechanisms behind the rapid industrialisation of Asian economies under the process of increasing globalisation. In this research emphasis has been laid upon institutional arrangements and technological capabilities. One of the chairs in economic history has a specialisation in international economics and international entrepreneurship with a focus on East and Southeast Asia. The research in this field is closely connected to the activities at the Centre for East and Southeast Asian Studies. Another line of research attempts to trace the origins of stagnation and crisis in the least developed countries, notably on the African continent. In this research focus is laid upon institutional arrangements that are hindering or delaying modernisation, in particular in the agricultural sector, and upon tracing the historical roots of the current development crisis. A third research focus is on issues concerning income distribution and equality in developing economies. Economic growth and equality are regarded as inter-linked during the process of structural change in developing economies. The pattern of equality in an economy is not merely seen as an outcome of the growth process but also as a factor conditioning and shaping the growth process. The research group in development economics has an extensive network of university cooperation as well as host of international engagements. Eight research scholars specialising in Third World studies are currently working in the Department. In addition, several courses oriented towards development studies are given at graduate and postgraduate levels.

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Christer Gunnarsson