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EOSE03 The Global South - Comparative Economic Development since 1945, 7,5 credit points 


The course examines the historical experience and potential of economic development in developing countries and considers why some countries are rich while others remain poor, as well as considering why development is not universal to all. The course provides a theoretical perspective with reference to the conditions of developing economies. It is divided into two parts. The first section treats the development trends of the most recent decades in the global economy, from the perspective of developing countries. Here, various measures and indicators of economic and social development in developing regions are critically evaluated. The second part of the course presents the leading contributions in theories of economic development. It also considers, in relation to economic development, how viewpoints, obstacles, potential and performance have varied since the 1950s as well as how this has left its mark on development strategies and political forces, at both a domestic and international level.

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