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Ekonomihögskolan vid Lunds universitet

EKHT16 Internship, 7.5 credit points

For master's programme in Innovation and Spatial Dynamics and master's programme in Economic Growth, Population and Development. 

The course aims at giving the students a working experience relevant for his/her master’s studies. The course is independent from the university’s teaching and the student is expected to independently find and apply for the internship. The length of the internship should correspond to at least two months full-time work. The provider of the internship could be of different kind but could normally be in the categories government agency, intergovernmental or supranational organization, non-governmental organization, or a private firm. The student will develop understanding and skills in subjects relevant to his/her master’s program and be able to: • account for their understanding of a specific organization, its working life and routines, and/or account for their understanding of the collection of information and analysis of data in a specific context by an organization • review and evaluate the relevance of various evidence for use in professional communication • and/or carry out analytical, administrative or other practical work within an organization • independently interpret and assess the relevance of an activity within an organization • communicate in matters regarding the activity of an organization, both orally and in writing.